Who are you? – A 23yr old graduate from London who wants to explore more about dance specifically made for the camera.

What does this blog focus on? – I created this to be a form of research blog for anything to do with dance and video, where I could note down explorations and share creative videos or ideas. Initially I thought I wanted to focus on dance pieces that are created especially for the camera, rather than just documented recordings, however I am increasingly finding out the advantages, benefits and interests of archiving dance for documentation purposes.  Dance photography in a creative context may also pop up here and there. Join me in this journey!

What is Videodance? Another name for ‘screendance’, ‘dance film,’ ‘cinedance,’ and ‘dance for camera.’

Who’s Dolly? – A ‘dolly’ is a piece of filmmaking equipment, usually a form of track, that allows cameras to film a subject more smoothly.

Please visit my other blog, www.danceinadvertising.wordpress.com, to see the library of videos I’ve collated of dance forms in television advertising, another subject I hold dear to my heart.


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