“Case Studies from the Groat Center for Sleep Disorders” (Mitchell Rose)

A comedic short film from Mitchell Rose: ‘A faux-scientific investigation of sleep disorder from the renowned (but fictitious) Groat Center.’


Atoms For Peace – Ingenue

Jacobs Pillow Dance Interactive

Jacobs Pillow dance centre in Massachusetts, USA, launched an online dance archive in 2011. It made public hundreds of videos that had been taken over the years at the centre, from the 1930’s to the present day, from Ted Shawn to Twyla Tharp. It’s a very interesting and unique collection that really gives you the feel of the centre and of the choreographers they’ve had through their doors:


“Beach Birds for Camera” (Merce Cunningham)

This is one of the first dance pieces I saw on video once I started university.


I hope that you’re here either because you too are interested in knowing more about films that explore dance especially made for the camera, or you just enjoy either of these mediums. Or you found this accidentally, in which case, welcome.

This blog will probably start off more as a collection – a place for me to catalog films I personally enjoy watching and appreciating.

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